MANPAGE.CGI(8)                                                  MANPAGE.CGI(8)

       manpage.cgi - render local manual pages as HTML

       QUERY_STRING=page manpage.cgi

       This  CGI (common gateway interface) renders any nroff formatted manual
       page as HTML  (HyperText  Markup  Language).   The  rendering  includes
       hyper-links  to  other  manual  pages,  good  font markup, and internal
       anchors for sections.  Pages render best when the follow  manstyle(1l).

       Internal  id  anchors mark each .SH section, and the definition of each
       option.  These allow hypertext links to  reference  specific  sections.
       The  options are tagged as opt_l for lowercase letters l and opt_uL for
       uppercase letters L.  Sections are marked with the first  word  in  the
       section name.

       Later sections which duplicate the first word of a previous section are
       prefixed with D:rep where rep is a counting number  (1,  2,  3,  ...  )
       incremented  for  each  repetition  of  the word.  It is better much to
       avoid such overlaps.

       Explicit URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) which use the "http", "https"
       or "ftp" schema are rendered as anchors as well.

       An  index  of  the sections may be displayed at the end of the document
       (after the horizontal line marking the end of the page)  or  above  the
       page, if local site policy requires it.

       Being   a  CGI,  this  program  only  reads  the  environment  variable
       QUERY_STRING for the specification of the requested manual page.

       The QUERY_STRING consists of the manual page name, and an optional sec-
       tion number.  If the number is suffixed with the letter l, then a local
       manual page directory may be added to the page search path.

       The standard version option  is  replaced  by  an  HTML  comment  which
       includes  the rcs(1) Revision keyword.  This is the first comment after
       the start of the body markup.

       QUERY_STRING='quot&8' manpage.cgi | ${PAGER:-less}
              Render the quot(8) manual page, from a shell.

       <A href="/cgi-bin/manpage.cgi?quot&amp;8"> quot(8) </A>
              The above request as a HyperText link.

       <A href="/cgi-bin/manpage.cgi?quot&amp;8#ENVIRONMENT"> quot(8) </A>
              The same output as above, but jump to the ENVIRONMENT section of
              the page.

       <A href="/cgi-bin/manpage.cgi?manpage.cgi&amp;8#EXAMPLES"> manpage.cgi(8) </A>
              A link to this page's EXAMPLES section.

       HyperText  links  underline  white-space  when they wrap a line.  Avoid
       this by forcing line-breaks above or below explicit  links.  I  suggest
       .TP markup.

       KS Braunsdorf
       NonPlayer Character Guild
       manpage swirl spam dot ksb dot remove spam dot.

       manstyle(1l), ckman(8l), httpd(8)

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