KRUFT(8)                                                              KRUFT(8)

       kruft - purge a filesystem of large and old files on demand

       kruft [-abcmnrsTv] [-E exclude] [-I percent] [-S percent] [dirs]
       kruft [-abcmnsrTv] [-A oldest] [-E exclude] [dirs]
       kruft -h
       kruft -V

       Do not run this program if you are not sure you now what you are doing.
       It will delete many, many files and it doesn't entomb anything.

       Kruft is designed to clean out public FTP spools and the like (not your
       home directory, or /var/tmp).  Casual use of this program from the com-
       mand line is insane.

       The goal of kruft is to make space on a public filesystem:  it  removes
       files until a space threshold is met, or under -A until all files older
       than oldest are expunged.

       If the program is called as kruft then no options are forced.

       -a | -m | -c | -b |  -r
              Change which inode time to honor.  The b  denotes  birthtime  on
              FreeBSD  systems  (or  others that support that).  The r denotes
              the most recent of access, modify or change time.  See  find(1).

       -A oldest
              Change  the  priority  policy  to ignore files newer than oldest
              seconds, and always remove files older than oldest.  The  number
              of seconds given may be suffixed by a scalar, use a parameter of
              question mark (''?'') for units help (see EXAMPLES below).

       -E exclude
              Any filenames listed in this colon (:) separated list are  never
              removed.   Things  like ".profile" or "README" might be included
              to prevent their accidental removal.

              Print only a brief help message.

       -I percent
              Prune by number of files left on device.

              Do not execute commands, trace only.

              Force a sync of the filesystem after every delete.  If you  have
              softupdates  installed  on  the partition, then kruft may delete
              all the files before softupdates frees the space from the  first
              deletion.   This option "fixes" that by forcing kruft to be syn-
              chronous (and slow).

       -S percent
              Set the goal for this prune to be at most percent space occupied
              on device.

              Truncate  (rather  then unlinking) targeted files.  This is used
              to prevent open files from becoming unattached from the filesys-
              tem name-space while they continue to grow.

              Be verbose.  Show actions as shell commands.

              Show only kruft's version information.

       kruft -S50 -I75 /usr/spool/uucppublic
              Clean /usr/spool/uucppublic to 50% space with at most 75% inodes

       kruft -S75 -I80 /var/ftp/incoming
              Clean /var/ftp/incoming to at most  75%  space  and  80%  inodes

       cd /var/unity && xapply -P2 'kruft -A 8h' olrb/[0-9][0-9]
              Clean any file older than 8 hours from all the cache directories
              under /var/unity/olrb whose name is 2 decimal digits.  Note that
              xapply(1l) runs 2 in parallel for us.

       kruft -r -S80 /var/tmp
              Reduce  /var/tmp  such that the underlying filesystem is at most
              80% full, using the most recent time on each file.

       kruft -A '?' -V
              Display the suffix table for the oldest parameter, and the  ver-
              sion of kruft.

       This  sometimes  unlink(2)'s open files, which doesn't do any good, but
       there is no portable way to see which files are presently open.

       The default options should hobble the  command  to  prevent  accidental

       Defeating  entombing  in kruft is right on the fine line between clever
       and stupid.  Assume that any file removed by kruft will never  visit  a

       KS Braunsdorf, UNIX Support
       kruft at ksb dot not-spam-please

       sh(1), purge(8l), untmp(1l), unrm(1l), entomb(7l), xapply(1l), glob(1l)

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